“Welcome” in the Oneida Nation language


“Welcome” in the Ojibway Nation language


“Welcome” in the Mohawk Nation language


“I am glad to see you” in the Kwiinga-neewul Nation language


“Welcome! I am glad you all came” in the Nulelìntàm èli paèkw Nation language


“Welcome” in the Ojibway Mississaugas of the New Credit Nation language


“Welcome” in the Cree Nation language


“Welcome” in the Ojibway Nation language


“Welcome” in the Dene Nation language


“Welcome” in the Inuktitut Nation language


“Welcome” in the Huron-Wendat Nation language


“Welcome” in the Cayuga Nation language


“Hello” in the Metis Nation language


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“Welcome” in the Seneca Nation language

ČWÉ·'N |

“Welcome” in the Tuscarora Nation language

together we can grow, share and learn

Other Resources


A Guidebook to Understanding Diabetes

A guidebook to understanding diabetes from a First Nations perspective.

Aboriginal Children and Obesity

An article on Aboriginal children and obesity; the causes and solutions that may help allievate this problem.

Aboriginal peoples and food insecurity articles

Prepared By: PROOF

Several abstracts and full text journal articles present research on Aboriginal peoples and food insecurity.
View Website

Aboriginal Recipes, Cooking is Culture

Excellent resouce to several traditional recipes

Animal Posters and Teachings

Description of animals and teachings that go along with them.

Before the Bell

Booklet with five breakfast recipes for on the go. 

Breast Feeding Health of Our Nation

This booklet was created to support Aboriginal women with the art of breastfeeding. The Medicine Wheel is used to symbolize the balance needed to support breastfeeding women.

Building Partnerships Presentation

Alex McCombers presentation from the Building Partnerships Event on February 24th, 2015. Presentation includes the effects of colonization, understanding Indigenous peoples and history, how to build healthy relationships, and how to change ways of thinking to live healthier lives.

Canada Learning Bond

The Canadian Government will contribute up to $2000 to a child's RESP to be used towards the post-secondary education of eligible children!

For children born in 2004 or later and you have ever been eligible for the National Child benefit Supplement as part of the National Child Tax benefit.

Canadian Diabetes Association

The Canadian Diabetes Association leads the fight against diabetes by helping those affected by diabetes live healthy lives, preventing the onset and consequences of diabetes, and discovering a cure.

Come Play with me Coloring Book

Come Play with Me colouring has many activities for children to be creative.

Community Action Program for Children (CAPC)

For information regarding the type of support that CAPC offers to children and their families, links to other sites offering information, and resources related to children’s health visit the CAPC Website. 

Community Kitchens

Great resource in how to start up a community kitchen.

Cooking with Kids

Prepared By: Cooking with Kids

On this website, you can purchase Cooking with Kids or download free materials. Materials include programs on taste testing and cooking with nutritional ingredients. 

Creating a Healthy Workplace Environment

Fantastic resource on how you can create a healthy workplace environment. Ideas on how to create an environment that supports heathy social eating, promoting physical activity and balanced nutrition

Depression and Diabetes

Prepared By: Melanie Knott

Resource indicates the link between developing diabetes and the onset of depression

Destination Healthy

Healthy heart eating tips!

Diabeaters Jeopardy Challenge

Prepared By:

Challenge yourself to Diabetes Jeopardy

Diabetes and Holidays

Eating healthy over the holidays.

Eat Right Ontario

Prepared By: Eat Right Ontario

Check out the CDA website for diabetes resources and information.

Eating Well While Spending Less

Prepared By: Eat Right Ontario

Eat Right Ontario has created a resource for people who may be just starting out, coping with a limited income or simply trying to be more frugal with the dollars in their pocket. 

Emotional Eating Presentation

Presentation on strategies on how to curb emotional eating.

Fast Food Quiz

Prepared By: Melanie Knott

Test yourself on which fast food option is better.

First Nations Inspired Activities

This excellent resource for educators and service providers trying to incorporate more physical activity into their programs

First Nations Perspective on Childhood & Adolescent Obesity

Prepared By: Lori Sellars

Resource highlights historical impacts that have contributed to loss of traditional lifestyle, barriers to healthy living and the recommendations.

First Nations Traditional Foods Fact Sheet

Resource provides nutritional information, traditional uses and methods of preparing traditional foods

Food Choices When Money is Tight

Prepared By: Eat Right Ontario

Resource to help plan healthy meals on a budget.

Food Matters Manitoba

Food Matters Manitoba is a charity that aims toward good food for all Manitobans. They have created a poster series showing that many traditional foods are healthier than their grocery store-bought alternatives! Moose, Rabbit, Caribou, Trout, and Geese! 
New Traditional Food Resource

Food, Fitness and Families Project Summary

Food, Fitness and Families Program created culturally relevant type 2 diabetes prevention programs. The following is a summary report of their successful programs in British Columbia.

Foodland Ontario

Prepared By: Foodland Ontario

Nutritional information on fruits & vegetables as well as seasonal availability!

Four Directions Teachings

This engaging site is where people could experience Indigenous knowledge and philosophy. honors oral traditions by creating an environment where visitors are encouraged to listen as each elder/ traditional teacher shares a teaching from their perspective on the richness and value of cultural traditions from their nation.

Four Weeks to a Healthier Lifestyle

National Aboriginal Diabetes Association has put together a resource of what you can do day by day to improve your health

Fruit and Vegetable Tracker

Helpful resource to track your weekly fruit and vegetable intake.

Fruit and Veggie Color Champs

Games and activities to teach kids about fruits and veggies.

Fruits and Veggies More Matters

Menu planning, fruit and veggie information, recipes and more resources are found on this website.

Gardening Manual

Prepared By: OFIFC

Resource for preparing and starting community garden.

Gen7: Youth Role Models

Prepared By: Gen 7

GEN7 encourages Aboriginal youth and others to live an active and healthy lifestyle through sports, physical activity, and other means.

Health Nexus

Prepared By: Health Nexus

Health Nexus is a bilingual organization that supports individuals, organizations and communities to strengthen their capacity to promote health.

HealthLink British Columbia

Great resource to make your own factsheet on healthy weights, babies & toddlers, sodium or sugary drinks!

Healthy Food Guidlines for First Nation Communities

This healthy food guidelines resource helps with choosing better choices, involvement with food programs in your community and the importance in providing healthy foods in the workplace.

Healthy Living Activities: Grades 4-6

Many fun and interactive activities to teach children in grades 4-6 about healthy eating & active living, contributing to the prevention of type 2 diabetes. For Parents, Caregivers, and Educators.

Heart and Stroke: Healthy Living

View tips for living with a healthy lifestyle!

Heart Disease Information

Prepared By: Melanie Knott

What you need to know about high blood pressure, cholesterol and what you can do to lower both

HeartSmart Kids Curriculum

Looking for a fun & engaging curriculum to help your students make heart-healthy lifestyle choices? The Heart and Stroke Foundation offers a free curriculum-based program for teachers. Access the classroom resources by completing the  HeartSmart Kids™ e-learning module. 3 core programs: JK to Grade 3; Grades 4-6; Grades 4-6 for Aboriginal students      

Hunger Scale

Determine how hungry you are by taking a look at this resource.

Hypertension Canada

Prepared By: Hypertension Canada

Resource for hypertension management, recommendations, and the effects of having high blood pressure and diabetes.

iMD Pinga Health Care Professional Tool

Prepared By: NADA and iMD

NADA and iMD Health have entered into a strategic partnership to deliver the state-of-the-art software technology for First Nations, Métis and Inuit health care professionals. The new technology will allow health care professionals to educate, explain and follow up with people who have diabetes at the point of contact. To get your free account and start using the platform please go to and sign up.

Indigenous Food First

Resource for Indigenous foods, recipes and stories from across Canada.

Keeping your Blood Pressure in Check

Prepared By: Kimberly Reid

Resource for keeping your blood pressure under control.

London Services: Many resources to London services!

Prepared By: Information London

Food banks, community meals, orgainzation information, employment, health care and housing.

Look at the Label

Information about label reading and what to look for when choosing a healthier option.

Making it Sacred Cookbook

Making it Scared Cookbook from SOADI is filled with yummy traditional recipes.

Match it Up

Match it Up is a fun game for children to match healthy choices together.

Métis Cookbook

A Métis cookbook with traditional Métis recipes.

Mix & Match Grains

Match the grain to the description!

MNO Cultural Portal App

Prepared By: MNO

Check out the Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) Cultural portal app! Click on a location to learn more about the Métis history in the area! 

NADA Poster Template

National Aboriginal Diabetes Association has made a template for making a poster or flyer for your community event

National Aboriginal Diabetes Association

NADA provides many resources pertaining to Aboriginal health and wellbeing.

National Collaborating Centre for Aboriginal Health

NCCAH provides information for traditional knowledge and awareness, social determinants of health, health reports and publications and upcoming events and conferences.

Native Foods and Nutrition Book

Prepared By: Health Canada

Booklet has information regarding traditonal eating habits of First Nations people, including harvesting and preparing.

Nourish Move Thrive Canada

Prepared By: Nourish Move Thrive

Website contains several nutrition resources, information and PDFs to choose from. Some categories include: Healthy Weight Loss, Sports Nutrition, Healthy Eating, Seasonal Eating, and Meal Planning.

Nutrition and Health Education Resources

Free nutrition handouts and PowerPoints presentations. 

Nutrition and Mental Health

Connection between nutrition and mental health

Nutrition Factsheet

Prepared By:

Preventing diabetes handout and information sheet

Nutrition for Kids

Prepared By: Nutrition for Kids

This website offers several nutrition resources for kids activities. Many resources are free to download as well as offer many other nutrition links for even more fun resources.

Nutrition Quiz Questions

Prepared By: Melanie Knott

True/false and fill in the blank nutrition questions

Our Healthy Journey Children's Book

Akisqnuk First Nation has put together a book, available online, showcasing First Nation Children's perspectives of healthy living through all four seasons. 

Pathway to Wellness

A handbook for Aboriginal people living with Diabetes

Physical Health and Education Canada

Physical Health and Education Canada is a great organization that offers many programs, resources and advocacy ideas all relating to the importance of physical activity. 

Read the Label

Read the Label is a great resource for service providers and community members who would like to be aware of labels, sodium, sugar and fat.

Real Voice Videos

The Real Voice project is a partnership between the Child and Youth Network, the Boys and Girls Club, Southwest Ontario Aboriginal Health Access Centre (SOAHAC) and the N’Amerind Friendship Centre. 

The Real Voice is a pilot action project dedicated to connecting youth and making a difference in neighbourhoods throughout London, Ontario.  The program focuses on youth-centered community development, with the focus on engaging youth positively in their neighbourhoods by providing meaningful opportunities for leadership, skill building and a platform to share their voices. Real Voice uses the creative arts, like photography and film, as a way for youth to express themselves and amplify their voices.

The youth started this project in September 2014 and met weekly until January 2015.  They were introduced to storyboarding, interview skills, filming, editing and then creating a final product that they were very proud of presenting. 

This partnership connected youth who might not otherwise know each other; friendships were formed and strong bonds were made!   

After several months of relationship building, the youth chose a story they wanted to share and turned their story into a video. The videos were shown during Indigenous Awareness week at Western Unviersity. 

Respecting our Gifts of Food and Activity

Powerpoint presentation on traditional diets, foods for health and physical activity.

Reztore Pride

Spark Project with SOADI: SPARK Change Your Style and McDanger Videos

SMART Holiday Eating Tips

Use 'SMART' to remember healthier holiday eating tips

Spark Change Your Style Youth Advocacy Toolkit

Curriculum was develop as a youth advocacy tool to increase opportunities for access to healthy eating and physical activity for Aboriginal children, youth, families and communities; ultimately to decrease childhood obesity by advocating what nutrition means and how to access it. The youth advocacy tools are for the use of organizations, programs (youth, family, or other), schools, and parents, and able to be adapted to any age group in Aboriginal communities and populations.

Stretching Anytime

Importance of stretching in your everyday life, stretch at work or at home.

The 5 A's of Obesity Management

This tool kit provides health practitioners with five steps to better manage their patients' weight and related health issues. 

The Bridging Youth Towards Equality Facilitation Handbook

Prepared By: BYTE University

Looking for a resource that can help you with youth programming? The Bringing Youth Towards Equality Facilitation Handbook may be just what you need! This great resource can help in planning, facilitating, debriefing, evaulating and trouble-shooting programs.

The Dirty Dozen

Prepared By: Ottawa Cancer Care

The Dirty Dozen resource indicates what fruits and vegetables are most contaminated with pesticides and should be washed well.

The Healthy Eating Manual

Several nutrition lesson plans & Powerpoints available! 

Tips 4 Youth: What you need to know about diabetes!

A resource to learn more about diabetes and how it can affect youth. 

Traditional Food Group Handout

Traditional food group activity

Traditional Food Group Poster

Traditional food group activity resource

Traditional Food: Nutrition and Culture

Powerpoint presentation on Aboriginal culture and traditional foods.

Traditional Foods Resource

Traditional foods vs mainstream foods comparison posters.

Understanding Racism

Readings to help you understand racisim, the impacts of it, as well as strategies & programs to address it.These readings were recommended in preparation for a webinar entitled, "Anti-Aboriginal Racism in Canada: A Social Deteminant of Health" offered by The National Colloborating Centre for Aboriginal Health (NCCAH)
The link to this webinar will be located here when available.
Reading 1: Impacts of Racism
Reading 2: Addressing Racism
Reading 3: Understanding Racisim

Walk a Healthy Path

Choose your healthy path activity for children.

Walk a Mile Film

The film's objective is to address misinformation and myths that persist in the broader community about Aboriginal Peoples so that our community can have well-informed discussions about moving forward together as a community on the road to respectful relationship and community building.

Your Health Matters: 2014-2015 Calendar

For every month this calendar has a different theme, self care activities and areas to reflect on one's health