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Alex is speaking about The Great Law of Peace in the haudenosaunee culture.
Alex is speaking about colonization and how it has impacted Aboriginal people to this day.
Interactive activity
Brainstorming activity that everyone had the opportunity to participate in.
Creating Partnerships

On February 17th, 2015 The Healthy Weights Connection Team held an event called, “Creating Partnerships” this event was held at the Museum of Archeology in London, Ontario.  Our keynote speaker, Alex M. McComber from the Kahnawake Territory spoke about the impacts of colonization on Indigenous people, understanding the social determinants of Indigenous health, and finding solutions in bringing together Indigenous and western practices in creating better partnerships and understanding to our communities.  This event was filled to capacity with service providers, community members and local elders and provided the opportunity for introduction of organizations in the London area and the opportunity for collaboration.