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Indigenous Culture Card - London

Middlesex is a new resource that was created by Healthy Weights Connection and London’s Child and Youth Network with the help from several Indigenous organizations and community members. This resource was adapted from a similar resource that was created by the Barrie Area Native Advisory Circle.

The purpose of the Indigenous Culture Card is to help inform local service providers and the public about working and interacting with Indigenous people, in hopes to create an inclusive and supportive environment. The Indigenous Culture Card gives a brief overview of several themes related to three of the Indigenous Cultures that live in the area; Oneida Nation of the Thames, Chippewas of the Thames First Nation, Munsee-Delaware Nation. Several themes including local treaties, history, spirituality, communication styles, myths and facts, language and ally etiquette can be read about in the Indigenous Culture.

Our hope when we introduced this exciting resource is to provide a first step towards cultural competency and to offer an opportunity for continued learning. We want organizations to not only read the Indigenous Culture Card but to choose to continue their learning through a formal cultural competency training program and use this resource as a first step to increasing their knowledge.

We are very proud to say that there has been significant interest in the Indigenous Culture Card London-Middlesex from several health and social services organizations, learning organizations, and individuals. We look forward to continuing the conversation and the promotion of this amazing resource.

To download an online version of the Indigenous Culture Card London-Middlesex please visit our website at

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