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October Full Moon Ceremony

October 18th marked the debut of Full Moon Ceremonies at Niagara Regional Native Centre. Ceremonies were facilitated by Kristin Tryer, a young Cree woman from Moose Factory, who has been training for Moon Ceremony for two years. Kristen took the opportunity to teach about the meaning and process of the Full Moon Ceremony from start to finish; identifying how cultural differences exist amongst Nations thereby rendering most practices unfaulty; there is no wrong way as teachings can vary so much. Having left the hustle and bustle of September’s ‘Harvest Moon’ behind the season’s transition to October’s ‘Leaf Letting Go Moon’, where, like the trees letting go, as well as resisting letting go, we spend time working to let go of the past. Kristen takes the opportunity to remind us that our bodies are in tune with Creator citing the connection between what is going on with Mother Earth and in our own lives. This is the time Indigenous peoples ‘Feast the Dead’, the primary season when the people honour their ancestors. There is a great variance on how each Nation engages in this practice.

Infant to adult attendees numbered 13, plus a male who took on the role of Fire Keeper allowing us to have fire to complete the ceremony as a whole event. Most of the participants stated that this was their first or second ceremony at the opening and at closing check in are excited for more opportunities like this to learn and share within the guided cultural framework of their community.  

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