together we can grow, share and learn
Our table set up for the event.
Each table received questions on the topic of discussion.
The Indigenous Culture Card was a hit!
Connecting For Families - London Networking Event

In October the Healthy Weights Connection London Site Coordinator, Alyssa Heil, teamed up with Kirsti Cheese, the Community Connector System Coordinator for the London Family Centres, to host a Networking Event for service providers who work with families in the London area. The turnout was awesome – a total of 35 service providers from 17 different organizations attended.

The afternoon started with a smudge circle! A short teaching on smudging was led by Summer Bressette and Sandra Albert from Southwest Ontario Aboriginal Health Access Centre’s Traditional Healthy Lifestyles program. For some, this was their first time smudging. Following a hot lunch, the participants were able to get to know each other better through the Networking Activity. For this activity participants rotated to different tables to answer personal and work related questions about themselves. This was a very popular activity and generated a positive atmosphere full of exciting conversations.

Later in the afternoon, Summer and Sandy gave a short presentation about the Indigenous Culture Cards that were created in partnership with Healthy Weights Connection and the Child and Youth Network. This was a good opportunity for service providers to learn about this incredible resource and how they can use the cards in their organizations. Each person left with their own Indigenous Culture Card and many seemed excited to share this resource with their colleagues and friends. 

Finally, each participant was able to share a little bit about their own roles within their organization, their resources and discuss opportunities to collaborate with new partners! Though the event had ended the networking has continued and requests to connect individuals together are still coming in! Without the wonderful partnership with Kirsti, the Community Connector System Coordinator, this event would not have been as successful as it was.

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