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Book Bundle Canvas Bag - Trudy Antone
Baby Book Bundles

Have you heard of the Baby Book Bundles? What a cool idea and such an awesome resource! In May program coordinators from N’Amerind Friendship Centre and At^lohsa Native Family Healing Services met for a lunch to learn about the new Aboriginal Baby Book Bundles. The Baby Book Bundles started as a resource that was developed in partnership with Oneida Health Centre and the Middlesex London Health Unit with support from the Child and Youth Network. It was such an awesome idea and such a useful resource that it was then offered to programs in London. This was an opportunity for different organizations to get together and learn about the books that were chosen for the bundles and the cultural significance of each book. Trudy Antone, from the Oneida Health Centre, discussed the importance of many of the books chosen and explained the cultural significance of her beautiful artwork featured on the canvas bag.  Service providers from N’Amerind and At^lohsa were given an opportunity to learn about why reading is so important right from birth and how it helps to promote bonding, language skills and motor skills from Early Literacy Specialists. It was also a great lesson to learn that literacy is not only developed through reading, but also through song and rhyme. Service providers then shared a wonderful traditional lunch and helped to put the bundles together. It was not only a wonderful learning experience, but also a great chance to network with individuals from different organizations.

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