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London Collaborative Physical Activity in Alternative Schools

School Within a College (SWAC) and Wiingashk Secondary School have partnered together and with help from Healthy Weights Connection were able to provide their students with a monthly Physical Activity and Leadership Program.

On February 17th about 20 students came together to join in teambuilding activities and a friendly game of dodgeball. After the initial shyness students didn’t hesitate to start pummeling each other with dodgeballs and seemed to really enjoy themselves. Even though there were some really athletic students, they were no match against the teachers who beat them in a teacher versus student game! Not only was this a great opportunity for students to be physically active and reduce stress, it was also a good opportunity for students to socialize and meet new friends.

Each month teachers and coordinators will focus on a different activity or sport such as volleyball, basketball and yoga. Students will also be able to enjoy a healthy snack following the games and an opportunity to just get out of the classroom and be kids again!  

This successful event would not have been possible if it were not for the collaboration between dedicated teachers and coordinators! Way to go!