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Run Jump Play Everyday
London’s Community Forum for The Healthy Kids Community Challenge

“Run. Jump. Play. Every Day.”

On Monday December 7th 2015, about 120 members of the London Community gathered at the Western Fair to engage in the Healthy Kids Community Challenge (HKCC) Community Forum. The Morning started out with opening remarks from Mayor Matt Brown and Dr. Chris Mackie, the Medical Officer of Health and CEO of the Middlesex-London Health Unit, who are the appointed HKCC co-champions. Following some inspirational remarks, a presentation and overview of the Healthy Kids Community Challenge was presented by Josh Archer, the Healthy Eating Healthy Physical Activity Priority Group Project Manager for the Child and Youth Network. Archer discussed how different organizations could get involved in the HKCC, the Child and Youth Network and how funding will be spent. Archer also discussed this year’s HKCC topic, “Run. Jump. Play. Everyday.” Which promotes healthy physical activity and the importance of active play for children. 

Several local researchers in the field of child health presented on their own findings about topics such as, sleep, screen time, and access to junk food outlets. Each researcher’s findings were quite specialized and the presentations demonstrated the need for several areas of improvement in the London community. One of the main take away items of all of these presentations is that collaboration with other organizations is very necessary to intervene on all of London’s short-comings when it comes to our children’s health.

Throughout the day the London Community Members and members of the Child and Youth Network were given several opportunities to ask questions and make remarks regarding the HKCC. One could not only feel the excitement in the large room filled with all those community members, but one could see it through social media!  There was an overwhelming response on twitter from community members who were tweeting about the HKCC using the handle #healthykidsON, so much so that some local media became interested in the story.

If you or anyone from your organization is interested in becoming involved with the Healthy Kids Community Challenge and the Child and Youth Network please feel free to contact the Healthy Weights Connection London Site Coordinator!

Alyssa Heil

London Site Coordinator

519-672-0131 ext 251