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Lindsay Maurice, Executive Director, Boys and Girls Clubs of North Simcoe
Harvesting Initiative: Helping Families and Local Boys & Girls Club

This fall, Healthy Weights Connection in partnership with the Métis Nation of Ontario and Region 7 Captain of the Hunt decided to work together on a Harvesting project that would provide children and families with access to healthy, FREE produce all donated from residents in the community.

In our circulating newsletter, we shared this initiative and the donations we had collected at that point. We received a nice amount of apples, plums, carrots, potatoes, squash, garlic, and zucchini. With these donations, soups and apple sauces were made and frozen or canned for families who are hungry and need assistance. We also donated many jars of healthy, homemade apple sauce to our friends at the Boys and Girls Clubs of North Simcoe. Upon delivery Lindsay Maurice, executive director, and Midland site coordinator had a discussion about possible growth of this initiative for next fall. She has helped connect me further with acquaintances for when we begin our recruitment in the New Year.

As always, the Boys and Girls Clubs of North Simcoe was happy to receive our donation of applesauce for their after-school program. This not only saved the club some money in their Healthy Snack Program, but it also showcased to all organizations involved that healthy partnerships and collaboration can benefit more people than just the ones that walk into our offices asking for help.