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MOA Harvest Festival & Pow Wow

September 19 & 20th, 2015 marked the 7th Annual Museum of Ontario Archaeology Harvest Festival and Pow Wow. The Museum of Ontario Archeology is located at 1600 Attawandaron Rd in London, Ontario, known as The Lawson Site. The Lawson Site is a 500-year old Neutral Iroquois Village, which was home to over 2000 Attawandaron people (Neutral Iroquois) year round. The Lawson site is the only archaeological site in Ontario and one of only three in Canada. Over 30,000 artifacts have been discovered and the remains of 19 longhouses have been uncovered. One thing that makes this annual event an amazing opportunity for families to enjoy is that all workshops and activities are free! The museum wants to provide an enjoyable outlet for children to learn about First Nations culture. Some other programs that the museum offers include camps, programs for teachers, birthday parties, Guides and Scouts, and London Ontario Archaeology Society partnerships. Self-guided tours are available year round where you can learn about the artifacts that have been found at this site, learn what they tell us about life at Lawson Site 500 years ago, and learn more about what archeology is and what archeologist do. 

Although the weather did not hold up for Saturday, September 19th, the following day more than made up for it! On Sunday we were blessed with an amazing, brisk and sunny fall day which allowed dancers, drummers, singers, vendors, and spectators to enjoy all that the festival and pow wow had to offer.  Healthy Weights Connection sat on the planning committee and helped with securing donations of fresh fruit and prizes as well as used some of our community partnerships to put on some workshops and activities for children and youth to enjoy. Some of the workshops included a lacrosse workshop, archery, bead looming, hand drum making, and more! Some of our community partners that were able to attend included Altohsa, SOAHAC, Niagara College First Nations Student Services, and Let's Talk Science. To encourage children, youth, and families to visit these booths, Healthy Weights Connection developed a "passport" which involved specific questions that had to be answered by each community partner. Each participant was then able to fill out a ballot to be entered in a draw to win a Dole Yonanas: Banana Ice Cream Maker.